Hello Boys!

Morgan and Theo – Welcome to your site!

At the time of writing you are 3 and half and 8 weeks respectively! It will be sometime before we read and discuss this together but I’m already looking forward to it.

I’ve put this site together as you’ve taught me so much in your short lives to date and will no doubt continue to do so as you grow. Hopefully I can return the favour in lots of different ways with love, support, encouragement and guidance.

So what got me started ?

1. You did. I find myself making mental notes of things I want to tell you; lessons and skills I’ve learnt that I think you’d like or need to know; inspirational ideas and people I come across; the list goes on.

2. I did. I love to learn. I thought I’d make the opportunity to combine learning new skills with creating something for us to share, what better motivation did I need.

I hope you like the idea, I hope you love the discussions we’ll have and it’s valuable to you.